Poetry Happening Near You



Wolverhampton has 16 libraries - full details at:

Regular poetry groups

A poetry readers' group, which has been going for 12 years, meets once a month to discuss traditional as well as contemporary poetry and this has lead to a great use of the poetry shelf.

Writing workshops and live literature events take place regularly and a creative culture has been forged. Local writers are encouraged to perform their work at venues such as 'City Voices' and 'Bilston Voices'.

Recent poetry events

Wolverhampton libraries have been a great home for poetry over the past dozen years with at least three poetry events per month at various venues, including libraries, around the city.

In the last year audiences have really enjoyed Jean Sprackland and Sean O'Brien, both courtesy of Poetry on Loan, not forgetting Owen Sheers, among a stellar list of contemporary poets.

Young Poetry Champion

Wolverhampton regularly runs competitions to find a new Young Poetry Champion.

Poetry on Loan representative

Wolverhampton now has a volunteer Poetry on Loan representative - Jane Seabourne.