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Reading poetry books

A couple of very different poetry books to try

I think many people think that they should read more poetry, or read poetry more often. I seem to do it in splurges. I've just finished two books of poetry. The first was The Poetry of Shropshire, edited by SImon Fletcher and Jeff Phelps; a really interesting collection, with some of the lyrical rural poetry you might expect, but also some pieces that were rather harder-edged.

The second was Sex & Love & Rock'n'Roll, by Tony Walsh. Anyone who has seen Tony (otherwise known as Longfella) at a poetry gig will know what a great performer he is, but his poems stand up well on the page, too. Tony's subject matter in this book is - well, life, really; beautiful love poems rub shoulders with political commentary and hymns to rock music, all with crafted rhymes and structures.

I can recommend both!