Poetry Happening Near You

It's all happening

Lots of poetry events to put in your diaries!

After a bit of a lull over Christmas, Poetry on Loan events will soon be in full swing again, and there will be lots going on.

On 15th January,  Dudley poets who have been working with Brenda Read-Brown will be giving a performance of their pieces, in the new Archives Centre - 10:30 - 12 noon.

8th February is National Libraries Day, as well as being close to Valentine's Day, and we'll have pop-up poets in Stoke Central Library (Jonny Fluffypunk), Shrewsbury Library (Fergus McGonigal) and in Dudley (Emma Purshouse). You need to look out for pop-up poets; talk to them and they'll write a poem for you, on the spot.

Valelntine's Day celebrations get into full swing on 12th February,  with Love in Leamington - a gala event of poetry and music with poets Spoz, Roy McFarlane, Charlie Jordan, Roz Goddard, Jonathan and Marie Taylor.

On 14th February, Philip Monks will be reading love poetry, and encouraging other people to read their own or their favourites, in Walsall Central Library - how about a bit of Love in the Afternoon? And Brenda will be writing love poems for people in two locations in the Coventry area.

There will be more to come in March, too! Check out the Events section of the website for full details.

Meanwhile, I've been reading Crow, by Ted Hughes. It has neatly illustrated what I often say to people - you can't expect to like or enjoy all the poetry you read. Crow is full of stunning images, but I'm afraid it's just not for me. Now, what shall I read next?