Poetry Happening Near You

Last chance

Today is your last chance to enter Poetry on Loan's poetry competition


Gosh, where has the summer gone? 

It's already 12th September - the closing date for entries to Poetry on Loan's first poetry competition - find details here. We're very pleased with the number of entries we've received, and soon the judging process will begin - nobody famous, just library staff - real people, who want to find poetry that people will enjoy reading; poetry that speaks to people.

Summer tends to be a fairly quiet time for Poetry on Loan, because many of our contacts are busy in their libraries with the Summer Reading Challenge - and of course library staff have holidays! But we've had events in Dudley, Sandwell, Stoke, Stafford and Telford, so we've kept things ticking over.

And of course we've launched our recommended poetry books list. You could do a lot worse than work your way through the books on the list. My personal favourite is Pink Mist, by Owen Sheers, but of course everyone will have their own favourites - and the only way to find yours is to read them. All of the books on the list should be available at your library.

And soon we'll be moving into autumn - probably our busiest time. Keep an eye out on the PoL website for poetry events near you.