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Happy Christmas!

Time to give poetry books as presents...

Happy Christmas to all our website readers!

A book of poetry makes a wonderful present - although of course it can be difficult to choose the right one. It's a good idea to go along to your library and ask the helpful staff for advice; read a few books yourself, and choose the one you think will make the perfect gift.

As a start, try any of the books on Poetry on Loan's recommended list, Here, there and everywhere. These have all been recommended by library staff, and any of them would be a treat for someone. Alternatively if you have been lucky enough to meet our pop-up poets recently, why not try one of their books? Jonny Fluffypunk's book, The sustainable nihilist's handbook is full of funny, clever poems that will strke a chord with everyone who has ever had a shed, been fishing, owned a bicycle - or indeed been a child at any time in their lives. Fergus McGonigal has recently brought out a book called The failed idealists' guide to the tatty truth. (It seems our pop-up poets like long book titles.) It's full of Fergus' wry commentaries on life.

If you have read a poetry book that you wold like to recommend, do get in touch!

And keep looking at our website; we've got some really exciting events coming up in the New Year.