Poetry Happening Near You

Christmas is coming

Why not give poetry for Christmas?

Although things usually quieten down in the poetry world in November, we've still been going great guns in Poetry on Loan. Over 70 members of reading groups in Walsall all contributed to an epic poem; Kurly McGeachie ran a poetry workshop for all ages in Ludlow; and Spoz did pop-up poetry in Coventry, as well as running a session for the Chapters reading group in Walsall. Roz Goodard visied a reminiscence group in Weoley Castle, and Fergus McGonigal popped up in Dickensian fashion in Warwickshire.

It all really does get a bit quieter in December, so why not look back through the blogs and look for recommendations for poetry books to read - perhaps even to buy as presents?

And in the New Year it will all start up again, with Jonny Fluffypunk in Stafford  Library in January, and lots of things going on around Valentine's Day. Keep having a look at the website, and you won't miss a thing!