Poetry Happening Near You

Something for everyone

So many poets, so many poetry tastes...

It's been all go in Poetry on Loan recently. National Libraries Day was on February 6th, and Valentine's Day on February 14th, so we have had pop-up poets popping up all over the place, writing poetry on the spot for individuals, and crowdsourced poems, made up of contributions from many people.

We've been planning our major activities for this year, too. The poetry competition will be run again (watch out for details soon!), and we'll also be launching our recommended books leaflet. I've been involved recently in putting together an anthology for another organisation, and it has struck me once again how much people's poetry tastes differ. I really didn't like one of the poems that others raved about; I loved a quirky little thing that seemed to pass others by. In our recommended books leaflet, we will try to cater for all tastes. Because the books are recommended by library staff, they might be different from the sort of poetry recommended by poetry critics.

I'll give more news when the leaflet is ready. It will be a while yet, so if you have read a poetry book recently that you think others might enjoy, get in touch and tell us! It might make it on to the list.