Poetry Happening Near You

A brief pause

Halfway through


Poetry on Loan has now reached the halfway point in its current two-year funding period, and I've just been going through our list of activities.

It's amazing! Live events from poets such as Liz Berry, Imtiaz Dharkar, Jo Bell, Ash Dickinson and Hilda Sheehan; workshops with an intergenerational element; more workshops with knitting groups, ramblers, painting groups - and lots of direct engagement events, where poets interact directly with members of the public, and perhaps write poems on the spot. We've issued our Come with me... postcards, and run three training sessions.

We've had a little pause recently - we need to wait for our next lot of funding to come through - but soon it will be all go again. There will be more workshops and live events (including Hollie McNish at Stoke, as an example), and soon the launch of our poetry competition, and our recommended poetry books leaflet.

For a start, why not go to the official opening of the completely refurbished Solihull Central library, now called The Core? You can write a haiku yourself, or have a poem written for you - have a look at Solihull's page for details.

Breathe in...