Poetry Happening Near You

Fireworks in October

A busy month for Poetry on Loan

October is often a busy month for Poetry on Loan - lots of libraries put on events on or around National Poetry Day - and this one was no different. We've had workshops in Stoke, Staffs, Dudley and Birmingham; pop-up poets in Coventry, and live events all over the place. We even had Brian Patten, in Ludlow and Worcester; fantastic readings that were enjoyed by everyone. 

I've been re-reading Brian's poetry, and it's just as good as I remembered; highly recommended. I've finally got round to reading Black Country, by Liz Berry, and I can see why so many people rave about it.

Also we have announced the winners of this year's Poetry on Loan Poetry Competition. You can see the shortlist on the Competition pageAnd we've distributed our recommended poetry book list!

November is a bit quieter, but a number of events are happening - look out for Ben Norris and his show in Warwickshire on 22nd.

And finally - Poetry on Loan has been going for quite a while now, and some of our main library people have retired. One of them, Philip Benjamin-Coker, got in touch with me recently. He's a great Bob Dylan fan, and was inspired by Dylan's Nobel Prize to write a poem. Here it is:

Bob’s Gift

It was a revelation
Words spun of pure gold
It sharpened our relation
In letters large and bold.

It was meant for ears to hear
It was there for tongues to say
It took a brand to sear
Whether it be night or day.

And once the eyes were open
They’d never shut again
The spell it had been broken
That had sought to dull the brain.

The ancient empty streets, that sheet
The years laying down
Giving words the voice to speak
The wisdom of the clown.

Philip Benjamin-Coker