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Christmas reading

Lots of good poetry books... and some great PoL events

Happy Christmas, and may you have a wonderful and poetic New Year!

I do try to do some reading over Christmas, even though it's busy, and I've got two books to recommend. Wolverhampton Madonna, by Jeff Phelps (a Shropshire-based poet) is a pamphlet full of good poems. The anthologist, by Nicholson Baker, is rather different - it's a novel, but with lots about poetry and poets; interesting and funny. What have you been reading? Do please send in your recommendations!

So, what's going on with Poetry on Loan? It's been busy in Warwickshire, with a multi-media performance from Ben Norris and a musical one from Jim Causley, both very well attended and really unusual. Emma Purshouse has been giving performances of seasonal poetry, and creating crowd-sourced poems, in Telford and in Staffordshire, and we've had workshops in Worcestershire (Jasmine Gardosi), Birmingham (Roz Goddard), and Staffordshire (Bert Flitcroft).

There's the usual pause over Christmas, but we still have lots coming up before the end of our current funding period. Look out for AFHarrold, 23rd February, in Kings Norton library in Birmingham; Heather Wastie on 23rd February in Great Bridge library, Sandwell; and an open mic event (hosted by Jonny Fluffypunk) in Covetry Central Library on 19th February. More to come in March and April...

...and then it's the end of our two-year season. We have submitted an application to Arts Council England for a further two years of funding - keep your fingers crossed!