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In these unexpected times...

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All the libraries are closed, and all Poetry on Loan's events have been cancelled - or postponed, as we think of it. Poetry might seem unimportant right now, but for many people it's a refuge or an escape, so we're trying to help you find some poetry that might have the comfort of the familiar, or the delight of the unexpected. 

We've commissioned some local poets to write new poems and make videos; the first one, by Steve Pottinger, can be found on our home page - look out for more, by Emma Purshouse, Fergus McGonigal, and other Poetry on Loan favourites.

And here in the blog, we'll be giving regular recommendations for poets you might want to look into further.

Today's poet is Billy Collins. Billy Collins is an American poet, born in 1941. He was American Poet Laureate, and has been publishing poetry since 1977. His poems help us to look at the ordinary things in a different way; they are conventional, accessible, intelligent and often humourous, and they'll leave you thinking. If you think you only like rhyming poetry, try some of Billy Collins' poems! Among my favourites are Bereft, The trouble with poetry, Litany, Forgetfulness and Consolation. You can find lots of them on Poemhunter, here.