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A British-Guyanese poet

Our next recommendation is Fred d'Aguiar, a British-Guyanese poet. Fred gave a talk to a group of prisoners I was working with, and I can say that as well as being a fine poet, Fred is a really nice guy. You can find some of his poems online (try ROYGBIV), and it's well worth while to hunt out some of his books.

While I'm here, I have another recommendation. Search online for Haiflu, and you will find a series of films. Each film includes haiku - about 20 in each film - matched with photos; the haiku and photos all come from one week during the lockdown period. The films give a very real and often moving picture of like in the UK during this period, and the specially-recorded music accompanying each one helps to make the films a profound poetic experience. The whole project was the idea of Liv Torc, and I recommend that you watch them all in chronological order, or even just at random when you have time.