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Ending with the obvious

Our final poetry recommendations

This is the last of our poetry recommendation blog posts. The libraries are beginning to open now - just for click and collect to start with, but still this means that you will be able to order books by the poets we've mentioned over the last few months.

Anyway, I thought I would end our series by reminding you of the obvious poets - it's easy to overlook something that's right in front of you. So - I offer you Roger McGough and Benjamin Zephaniah, who must be two of the UK's best-lpved poets; our current Poet Laureate, SImon Armitage, and the two previous Poet Laureates, Carol Ann Duffy and Sir Andrew Motion.

And here's a list of all the poets we have recommended. Get ordering now and go for the set!

Billy Collins

John Frederick Nims

Sophie Hannah

Mary Oliver

Jane Hirshfield

Gareth Owen

Helen Dunmore

Maura Dooley

Mike Harding

Fred d'Aguiar

Dennis O'Driscoll

Wendy Cope

Pablo Neruda

Robin Robertson

e e cummings

Dannie Abse