Poetry Happening Near You


24 February 2020

It's nearly spring, and Poetry on Loan has lots of events coming up like daffodils

16 November 2019

Christmas is a great time for poetry, and as the shops are full, now, with Christmas paraphernalia, perhaps we should all be thinking about buying poetry books. 

2 September 2019

It's autumn - always a busy time for Poetry on Loan

10 January 2019

Poetry on Loan celebrates its 20th anniversary

18 September 2018

Poetry on Loan leaps into autumn action

16 February 2018

Big events lined up for Poetry on Loan...

12 December 2017

A bit of peace...

28 September 2017

It's all happening this week!

6 July 2017

Poetry on Loan forges ahead with two more years' funding from ACE

28 December 2016

Lots of good poetry books... and some great PoL events