Poetry Happening Near You

Commissions for National Poetry Day 2020

Usually National Poetry Day is the time for many events in libraries. Because these were not possible in 2020, we commissioned a number of poets to write poems and make videos of themselves reading them.

The poems are:

Jam today, by Steve Pottinger - a new take on Jerusalem. See this here.

September soliloquy, by Mel Wardle Woodend - tranquil autumn thoughts.  See this here.

I saw a teapot, by Justin Coe - a clever poem that will appeal to the young, and indeed everyone with a wry sense of humour. See this here.

Hindsight, by Aliyah Begum - a thoughtful, quiet poem. See this here.

See what you want to see, by Spoz (Giovanni Esposito)  - a thought-provoking poem in Spoz's inimitable style. See it here.

2020, by Emma Purshouse - a wistful poem for this strange year. See it here.

Vision, by Jonny Fluffypunk (Jon Seagrave) - his new glasses are helping to see some things more clearly. You can see Jonny's video here.

The progressive youth, by Ellie Dart - looking for a changed world.. You can see Ellie's video here.

Close, by Brenda Read-Brown - ending our series on a positive note. You can see Brenda's video here.