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Easy prey

Easy Prey

Roaming rogue at night
His sleek, coppery fur
Glints under the glare
Of the striking street lights
He stands alert in
The centre of the alley
And cries out to the world

Within his jet black eyes
A flare of hostility reveals
His predatory nature
Baring his teeth
He advances towards his prey
A grin on his face
As he knows he has a win  

He struggles at first
Tussles with his game
But finally, he succeeds
Licking his salty nose
He strolls away contently
Leaving the greasy chip paper on the ground

Lucy Bridge

About this poem

Every year, Poetry on Loan runs a poetry competition for people who live, work or study in the West Midlands. This year's theme was Vision, and the winner of the young people'swas this poem - Easy prey, by Lucy Bridge.

Lucy says:
Hi, I'm Lucy, I love to read and write but I've only explored writing poetry recently. This poem was inspired by a fox that once woke me up by howling during the night! We have a few foxes that regularly enter our garden and they always seem like brazen cheeky animals and I wanted my poem to capture this.