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The first ever Shropshire Young Poet Laureate is…

Shropshire Young Poet Laureate trophy

Mia Cunningham, who is 14 and lives in Much Wenlock.

Seventeen young poets applied for the post of Young Poet Laureate for Shropshire.

It was hard enough to bring this down to a shortlist of four, but the judges at the Young Poet Laureate event on 25th September had an even more difficult job to decide which of the four would win through.

All four - Mia, Oliver Turner, Emily Oldham and Cara Squires - are talented poets, but this in itself was not enough.

Shropshire Libraries and the Wenlock Poetry Festival were looking for someone who would inspire other young people and represent them.

All four poets presented themselves really well, but Mia had the edge, and she was awarded a trophy and a box full of poetry books.

What’s more, she will have mentoring from two experienced poets (supported by Poetry on Loan) - Spoz and Jeff Phelps.

We look forward to seeing what Mia can do during her year as Shropshire’s Young Poet Laureate.