Poetry Happening Near You

For National Poetry Day...

For National Poetry Day, Poetry on Loan has commissioned new video poems... and our new recommended booklist will be online soon!

National Poetry Day 2020 falls on 1st October. We couldn't let this pass by unnoticed, so we have some National Poetry Day presents for you:

Commissioned poem videos

Following the terrific reception given to the poem videos we commissioned during lockdown, we've commissioned some more for National Poetry Day, all on the 2020 theme of Vision. We have poems from some of our favourite poets, some from poets who haven't worked with us before; some from Poets Laureate and Young Poets Laureate, temporarily borrowed from their authorities; happy poems and sad poems. In fact - something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

The link to our first poem, a terrific piece from Stece Pottinger, will be published today as part of our front-page poem piece. New ones will be added every day or two from now until mid-October - keep checking so you don't miss any!


Normally, Poetry on Loan produces a recommended poetry booklist every two years. These are displayed on beautiful leaflets with accompanying posters; the posters are displayed in libraries and the leaflets are free and available in libraries for anyone to take.

This year, of course, nothing is normal; leaflets are frowned upon. But rather than abandon the idea of a recommended list, we're going to put our recommendations online, on our recommended book list page. One advantage of this is that instead of restricting ourselves to ten recommendations, we can include all the poetry books that library staff have read and enjoyed in the last couple of years. The full list will be available on NPD (1st October), but who knows, some early recommendations might make an appearance before that... 

Poetry on demand

Staffordshire Libraries are really excited to be participating in Poetry on Demand this October and it fits perfectly to help us celebrate National Poetry Day. Working alongside Poetry on Loan and an amazing array of poets, we’ll be promoting an online version of Poetry on Demand this year and offering people the opportunity to have a personalised poem created for themselves or a loved one and it’s all totally FREE! Contact Terry for more details terry.heath@staffordshire.gov.uk. And this lasts for the whole of October...