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Paul Henry takes a bite

Paul Henry holding and apple and a book

Paul Henry at the Big Apple

Paul Henry, Poet in Residence for Herefordshire, spent a day at the Big Apple, a celebration of Herefordshire's orchards.

He brought some apples with him to be identified, and the experts from the Marcher Apple Network helped him find out what they were.

Here is Paul's apple poem:



The trees are the wind’s maypoles.
Their rags jingle with apples –

Old Bromley

                        Lord Hindlip

Stoke Edith

                       Cwmmy Crab …

I drink to them, in stained glass,
their windfall of centuries –

Bran Rose

                        Doctor Hare’s

Gennet Moyle

                          Eggleton Styre …

O beaded air of Marcle Ridge                                                                  
in a jar! O Weston’s Vintage!

Wormsley Pippin

                              Handsome Norman

Kingston Black

                            Cherry Permain …

Once upon a Tree, a fallen kiss.

                                  Paul Henry