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A pause

Poetry on Loan must wait to hear about funding

We've had a hiccup in our funding arrangements. We submitted a funding application to Arts Council England, knowing that even though we have been funded for mroe than 20 years and have always delivered what we've promised, there was no guarantee that we'd be funded again. And when it came to it, we weren't. They said that it was a very strong application with no weaknesses and no risk areas - but they've been overwhelmed with the number of funding applications and just can't support everything. They encouraged us to resubmit - and we did, in the middle of November.

If we do get funding for 2022-2024, it won't start until mid-April, so between now and then there will, I'm afraid, be a pause in our activities. Let's hope that we are awarded the funding this time round, and we can start everything up again in the spring.