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Everything that has become summer

Everything that has become summer  

It is so long since I’ve stood
with my toes just behind that yellow line,

felt my body pulled like a curtain through
an open window as a train pushes past;

the maelstrom, then the quieting that follows
the railway track’s veined humming,

her silver wrists facing upwards, my bones
shimmering with histories of an older rhythm.

It is so long since I watched a straggle of trees
kneeling by the fence, blossomy and bee-ridden

worship of cat-slink, leaf-curl, litter-skiff, bird-shrill
against the backs of houses that lean lopsided,

dreaming deep, the beating heart of everything
that has become summer. A flimsy orange ticket

flits in my back pocket, morning sunlight
thin as a bookmark before the day’s heat, but

enough brightness to show where bare-faced
Saturday has begun, ready to go anywhere at all.

Olga Dermott-Bond



Olga Dermott-Bond

Olga Dermott-Bond

About this poem

Over the past year, Poetry on Loan has been commissioning poets to write poems and make videos of themselves reading them. Normally, at this time of year, we would be starting to get ready to produce our specially-designed (and always rather beautiful) poetry postcards, which are distributed through public libraries in the West Midlands. But this year this isn't such a good idea, given that most libraries are not fully open. Instead, we have commissioned a number of poets to write postcard-length poems on the theme New beginnings, and provide videos to accompany them.

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