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The freedom of 4 o'clock

The freedom of 4 o’clock

I mean in the way we surged
over the step and past the driver,
trod each other’s heels
up the stairs, ran the breathless
volley between seats
to stow ourselves at the top,
at the front, our homework
lobbed in the gangway,
bagged and far from us.
I mean that.

Jean Atkin

Jean Atkin

Jean Atkin

About this poem

Poetry on Loan commissions 20 or 30 poets to write poems for our poetry postcards. The poems have to be short, accessible and on a given theme - this time it was Onwards, upwards, freedom - and the selection process is always difficult. For our front-page poem, we'll be having some of the poems that didn't quite make the cut - it was close!

This one is by Jean Atkin, well known to followers of Poetry on Loan; she does a lot of work in education, and has a lot of experience in working with older people and those suffering from dementia..