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Hard to believe, isn't it?

Imagine being introduced to the concept of libraries for the very first time…

Hard to believe isn’t it?

So there’s no need to nick this Philip K Dick?
I don’t have to pilfer a Rosamunde Pilcher
because everything’s free? For you and for me?
I can have them on loan? I can take them all home?
And there isn’t a cost, unless one gets lost?
And I can just grab the new Andy McNab?
Plus these for the kids? They’ll be so glad I did.
(Look what I’ve chosen; three Blackmans, one Rosen,
a book on tsunamis, a Strong and two Dhamis).
Ground breaking idea. Never knew it was here.
How to Breed Bunnies and Sonnets for Dummies.
I’m under its spell; I’ll take these as well.
If this place was a person I’d kiss it, I’d hug it.
And they call it a library? It’s brilliant!  I love it!                 

Emma Purshouse

Emma Purshouse

Emma Purshouse

About this poem

Emma Purshouse is Wolverhampton's Poet Laureate. Wolverhampton Libraries asked Emma for a poem to welcome people back into libraries as they re-open, and this is what Emma gave them - a celebration of what libraries have to offer.