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In a pause...

In a pause from work, Terry the car valet reflects on the cruel and unforgiving nature of the world of entertainment.

We’d covered all the angles,
got the haircuts, got the moves,
we had the cheekbones and the six-packs
and we knew we had the grooves.
We could smile and we could smoulder
we could croon and we could sing,
we were a cast-iron, sure-fire,
guaranteed next year’s new big thing.
We should have been a hit
but somehow ended up a miss
the best boy band you’ve never heard of, so near, so far:
Take This.

Steve Pottinger

Steve Pottinger

About this poem

In a pause... is one of the runners-up in the 2018 Poetry on Loan poetry competition. Poets were asked to submit poems up to 20 lines in length on the theme Take this...

Steve Pottinger is well-known as a performance poet and poetry events host throughout the West Midlands, and is one of Poetry on Loan's favourite poets. He has published several collections of poetry, including More bees, bigger bonnets and, most recently, A fine, fine place.