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There are nine branch libraries and one mobile library within Telford and Wrekin.

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Regular poetry groups

Sadly we don’t yet have any poetry groups in Telford & Wrekin Libraries, but if you would be interested in starting a group please contact the Poetry on Loan representative at the email address below.


Recent poetry events

Poetry walk

Social distancing has led to the cancellation of many events, but not all! In September 2020 Simon Fletcher led a poetry walk from Madeley Library to Bedlam Furnaces. On the way Simon shared poetry from Edward Thomas, Marilyn Gunn, Keith Chandler and Roger Garfitt, and Nick Pearson read an 'extinction' themed poem - all pieces related to the walk. Everyone enjoyed it, as these comments show:

The walk was leisurely and relaxed and took in some interesting local landmarks. Along the way Simon read walkers some poems by both contemporary and historical writers that reflected the natural environment and the industrial heritage of the area. It was a lovely way to spend a few hours in the early autumn sunshine, and I discovered some new places to ramble. I will recommend the poetry walk to people for next year’s festival.

Very well organised.  Each poem shared suited the location perfectly, enhancing the whole experience.  I would love to join similar walks in the future. 



9th December 2016

Emma Purshouse performed twice at Southwater Library with a seasonal theme tied into Telford’s first Christmas European market. In this she created a poem called Telford at Christmas is… Overall 55 people contributed to the poem; we received contributions from people visiting the library and those working on and visiting the market.

Here is the poem Emma created.

Christmas in Telford is…

Christmas in Telford is all a twinkle,
it’s a big wheel and a carousel,
it’s spending time with your family,
it’s making a memory
with friends,
it’s marshmallow dips,
it’s Kholer Chocolate Kisses,
it’s my two girls,
it’s shopping with the missus.

Christmas in Telford is boring roundabouts
changed into islands of glistening snow,
it’s Caitlin crazy for Christmas lights,
it’s the Winter Wonderland,
it’s a trip to Ironbridge, which is always nice,

it’s beautiful red onions and a dash of hot stuff,
it’s a community feel,
it’s peace on earth,
it’s happiness,
it’s love.

Christmas in Telford is tinplate robins
(£8 each),
it’s people coming together,
it’s cool,
it’s putting hooks on hand-painted earrings,
it’s a day off school,

it’s shopping with toddlers, Taylor and Paige,
it’s spending all your money,
it’s pastry, nuts and honey,
it’s baklava from Sam,
it’s frankfurters, open cooking,
it’s Freya and granddad out with nan.

Christmas in Telford is waiting for the daughter,
it’s Isabelle’s shiny tree,
it’s a weekend away,
it’s a shopping spree,

it’s misery and expense,
it’s a ‘Miserable Scrooge’
or a ‘Grumpy Git’ beer,
it’s a load of hard work
for the traders here.

Christmas in Telford is access
for wheelchairs,
it’s a brass band playing in the square,
it’s coconut macaroons,
it’s handmade cookies and stollen,
it’s knitted jumpers,
it’s whacky and wild,
it’s a trip to Wilkinson’s
(after driving 150 miles!),
it’s a poetry reading
with a crying child,
it’s Primark with Zaynah and Katelyn,
and Layla and Taya.

Christmas in Telford is my own pot pourri,
it’s a mug of hot gluhwein
all cinnamony,
it’s busy and buzzy,
it’s a good place to be.

Christmas in Telford is cold,
it’s a bad weather bummer
for a homesick Argentinean
who prefers Christmas in summer!

Christmas in Telford is quality time,
it’s a day out with Matt,
it’s creating a Santa Paws
i.e. dressing up your cat!

Christmas in Telford is turkey,
it’s pork, it’s beef,
it’s roasted hog,
it’s an adventure with Edith,
it’s a shivering dog,
it’s a promise from Malc
to come again next year.

Christmas in Telford is festive cheer,
panning out from each and every market stall,
and a wish for a Merry Christmas
to one and to all.

Created by Emma Purshouse
(for Poetry On Loan and Telford Libraries)


11th May 2016

Jonny Fluffypunk conducted a fun poetry workshop with two reading groups that were none poetry readers. All who attended enjoyed the workshop, and here are some comments:

An inspiring, thought-provoking evening of poetry.

A light-hearted time with no pressure

Haven’t had such a fun evening in ages!

13th November 2014

Deb Alma, the Emergency Poet, entertained, soothed and possibly healed a number of people at Telford library with her poetry prescriptions.


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