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Recent poetry events - Coventry

Autumn pop-ups

Following the success of the pop-up poetry event in February, Coventry have done it again - this time with Michael Thomas accompanying Jonny Fluffypunk. Poems were written that made people laugh; others made them cry - all the emotions of autumn captured in an instant poem.


Love, Coventry

Coventry Central Library can be a busy place on a Saturday, and  ideal for not just one but two pop-up poets - especially because this was the day before Valentine's day, and Jonny Fluffypunk and Amy Rainbow were writing poems on the spot for people to give to their loved ones. The librarian there said, "Once people started approaching Jonny and Amy they remained busy for the rest of the session even having to stop taking on new requests so that they could complete the poems before the end of the session. It was a pleasure to have them and for us to have a Library poem which all staff will get to read. "

Amy put together a poem about Coventry library using comments from visitors. Here it is:

Our Library

We always come to the library
A place of gathering knowledge
A place of gathering people
A place to meet authors
A meeting of words.

In The Library
There are no expectations except community;
It's somewhere we can always go
Full of peace and quiet
and computers and inspiration and books.

The Library.
It's a calm place. A good place to bring kids.
A place to search for recommended reads.

Library, you are full of knowledge
You are friendly, inviting and warm
You are our place to learn new things

Library, you are full of the world

Poem by Coventry Central Library users, collated by Amy Rainbow 13 February 2016


Football and - poetry?

A dedicated and enthusiastic group of football supporters met in Coventry Library on 4th October 2014 to celebrate... poetry! Led by Crispin Thomas, who read a selection of football poems, they thought about the poetry of their favourite game. Everyone contributed one line to their very own football poem:

Football In Our Life ..in one-liners

What does our football mean to us
here in this library?
I read you all my poems
you wrote one here with me...
we did it in one-liners;
we racked our brains and senses
just like when I was still a child  
and we'd play 'Consequences'.
You shared your thoughts and here they are -
we shaped them on the day;
I scribbled as you called them out
and this is what you say:

a sport that's shared with thousands 
it's just a way of life  
and football is friendship
no matter who you like

it's millions of all ages
and joy sprinting over fields 
it's never ending drama 
no matter how you feel

a lifetime filled with highs and lows
a drug that thousands share
passion fun emotion
and it's played everywhere

some find to get away from wives
it is the place to go
it's got way too expensive
and violence is a NO

some go for the excitement
the buzz is really great
it's ninety minutes to forget
your worries and escape

it's passed through generations 
from fan to fan to fan
a place where some still misbehave
because they know they can

but most of all with football
the reason we all try 
is win or lose ..or vegetarian
you can't go wrong with a pie!