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Too late to turn a blind eye

Too late to turn a blind eye


Stillness sweeps through the forest,
A silence from all inhabitants,
All life quietens to a whisper,
A quiet crackle grows,

Turn a blind eye.

The unchaining of a free spirit,
An entity with no limits,
Never knowing the boundaries of destruction,
The massacre of the green giants,

Turn a blind eye.


The anniversary of loss,
Magnificent beings defeated,
No remains besides the thick blanket of ash,
A barren stretch of land,

Too late to turn a blind eye.

Raesharwn Anyidoho

Raesharwn Anyidoho

About this poem

Every year, Poetry on Loan runs a poetry competition, free to enter, for people who live, work or study in the West Midlands. This year our theme was Anniversary. 

Raesharwn Anyidoho has never entered the competition before. He says:

Thank you so much for choosing my poem for it means a lot.

I was born in Madeley (a small town in Telford) which has a rich heritage and history. To me, this lends itself to creative writing which has allowed me to find a fascination with writing about the natural world. I have always been fascinated with poetry and creative writing, due to the fact that a few words can transport you to another ‘dimension’. My aspirations for the future are to become a forensic pathologist or a linguist because of how much of a passion I have for French, Arabic and science, yet I will still carry on writing. I thoroughly enjoy learning and I believe that everyone should be entitled to an education, for “the pen is mightier than the sword”.  I like to write poetry because it can send a message to everyone. One of my favourite poets is Benjamin Zephaniah. In my spare time, I thoroughly enjoy baking and cooking because, similar to poetry, it allows me to create something for others.