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When life begins again...

When life begins again…

…it will be summer. We are in a café
you will order lemon drizzle cake
I will have the coffee walnut sponge
and we will half and half them.
We have rehearsed this day for months
and we can’t stop talking.

When life begins again, it will be
as weddings with a dozen bridesmaids
and a hundred aunties in high heels
and a hundred uncles in smart suits
smiling for the camera
and everyone is talking.

When life begins again, it will be
as hugs that can’t contain themselves
as car-boot sales and barbeques
and karaoke and in the cafe
we will have another pot of tea for two

and we will talk and talk and talk and talk
and no-one will be muted.

Jane Seabourne

Jane Seabourne

Jane Seabourne

About this poem

Over the past year, Poetry on Loan has been commissioning poets to write poems and make videos of themselves reading them. Normally, at this time of year, we would be starting to get ready to produce our specially-designed (and always rather beautiful) poetry postcards, which are distributed through public libraries in the West Midlands. But this year this isn't such a good idea, given that most libraries are not fully open. Instead, we have commissioned a number of poets to write postcard-length poems on the theme New beginnings, and provide videos to accompany them.

Our second poem, by Jane Seabourne, will speak to many people. You can see the video here.